Take Control of Your Legal Career

By Jennifer Evans, Executive Legal Recruiter & Co-Founder

As always, the New Year is a time of resolutions & reflections.  This is the perfect time to take a moment and reflect back on what you have accomplished in 2015 and what opportunities are ahead of you in 2016.

Here Are Some Questions To Ask Yourself?

  • In the past year, can you describe 2-3 “wins” where you have made a significant contribution? (“Wins” can be replaced with accomplishments depending on your role)
  • What have you learned & what new skills have you developed in the past year?
  • Do you foresee an opportunity to take on increased responsibilities in 2016?
  • Is your motivation level high?
  • Are you working with individuals that inspire and challenge you?

I believe there are three key factors to managing a successful career–Are you contributing to the success of your firm/company? Are you constantly learning? Does your work, and the individuals you work with, motivate you?

Life is change – some changes happen to us and some changes we can make happen.   If you are not growing in your current role, or if you are feeling under-utilized, then this might be the time take a serious look at what you need to change in 2016.

If you are contemplating taking the next step in your legal career and/or are interested in gaining insight into the California legal hiring market, please contact Jennifer at Jennifer@AccessTalentSolutions.com