Mid-Year Career Check-Up

By Jennifer Evans, Executive Legal Recruiter & Career Coach

In case you haven’t noticed, we are almost at the end of June – the first six months of 2015 definitely flew by! As the temperatures start to soar, and before you get caught up planning the perfect summer vacation, this is a great time of the year to take a moment and do a mid-year career check-up.

Just as a feedback form helps a business evaluate and improve its performance, a personal career check-up can help you evaluate your current situation. Taking the time now to contemplate your successes and shortcomings (yes, we all have them) will allow you to make the necessary adjustments, so you can finish the year strong – Think of it as your own personal SWOT Analysis.

It Can Be As Simple As Asking Yourself – What, Who, Where & How:


In this first step, ask yourself – What new projects have you completed this year?    What are some of your 2015 “wins”? What new skills have you acquired this year?  What do you enjoy about your current position? What do you need to stop doing and what do you need to start doing?


A critical part of career success is aligning yourself with the right people. Who is your internal Cheerleader – Are they aware of what you have accomplished this year?  Who else in the organization do you need to align yourself with? Who is your Mentor – When was the last time you met? Also, ask yourself – Who knows you? It is important to constantly be cultivating your internal and external network.


Where do you want to see yourself at the end of 2015? Do you see yourself working in the same position? Is there other work you would rather be doing? Is it time to start a conversation about requesting a promotion? Alternatively, is it time to update your résumé? Remember the saying – Keep the end game in mind.


Once you’ve answered the first three W’s, the last step involves considering how you can make the necessary adjustments to keep your career on track. Make a list of action steps you can take over the next three months that will allow you to position yourself for year-end success. The key to this step is how you are going to take action now – not later!

Whether you are looking at taking the next step in your legal career within your organization or starting to consider moving on to your next firm, taking the time today to self-evaluate yourself will put you on the path for a successful 2015.

If you are a legal professional seeking career advice, please feel free to contact Jennifer Evans directly through our contact form, or you can connect with her on LinkedIn – JenniferEvansLegalRecruiter